Luxury Alpaca Quilt - Single Bed Duvet

Luxury Alpaca Quilt - Single Bed Duvet


来源/发货方:  新西兰

可用性: 缺货

CNY 1,260


Luxury Alpaca Quilt - Single Bed Duvet

Luxury Alpaca Quilt from New Zealand

This luxurious Alpaca Quilt is filled with natural 100% Alpaca fleece from New Zealand.

Choose these Alpaca duvets from New Zealand for a luxurious comfortable sleep!

Alpaca fibre offers superior warmth, is light in weight and is also moisture absorbent making these quilts an exceptional bedding choice in winter or summer. These Duvet inners are ‘Antarctica Grade’ 400gsm. The Alpaca fleece uses white and light cream fleece that is below 35 micron and not bleached. Fibre length is from one to twenty centimeters.

Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic so it makes the perfect choice for your families bedding needs.

These NZ made Alpaca quilts are finished with high quality bright white 100% sateen cotton outer and the linen is a 320 stitch count. This beautiful quilt also features a silk printed fern design for that extra little touch of New Zealand. with a bonus Alpaca soft toy.





资源 新西兰
价钱 CNY 1,260

Care Instructions: Dry Clean only.

Dimensions: Single duvet: 140 x 210 cm
Packaging dimensions: 475mm x 475mm x 160mm